You Did WHAT With A Ratchet Strap? The Many Uses Of A Ratchet Strap, Part 4

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Let’s face it, no matter how good we are with our tent camping trip prep, from time to time we’ll forget something. Or, we find ourselves at the site, having traveled for a few hours to get there, and you start to bring out your gear and you find something that’s broken. It’s times like this that can try the patience of all of us. What do you do when you’re too far from a store to replace it, and you only have what you brought with you to deal with the issue? You improvise!

So you start rummaging through your gear to see what you have. Maybe some lengths of rope, an extra tent peg or two, a stray piece of newspaper. Aha! You were smart and packed in one of the best items to have in your gear stash: a ratchet strap . This post will shed light on some great uses for a ratchet strap. Now most of us have used ratchet straps to secure loads on our cars and trucks, and possible on a trailer as well. They work great for this, but have you ever thought about what other uses a ratchet strap has while you are tent camping? Well wonder no more! I’ll share 5 more of the coolest uses for a ratchet strap, so make sure before you head out for your next tent camping excursion, you pack at least one ratchet strap in your gear.

The Many Uses Of A Ratchet Strap, Part 4

Ratchet Strap Use # 16

When you go to sleep at night, critters come out search through our stuff. You know who I’m talking about. Those masked little thieves of the night: raccoons. One of them is bad enough, but they often travel in small packs, so they tend to work together when there are goodies to be had. If you left your cooler out, they WILL get into it and help themselves to anything and everything that is tasty. The best option is to put your cooler into your vehicle, but sometimes that isn’t always possible. The next best option is to pull out that trusty ratchet strap and wrap it around your cooler, keeping the lid from being lifted off. If you have a larger cooler, put a strap on either end to ensure those furry thieves can’t get into your cooler. Push the strapped shut cooler under a picnic table bench, and you’ve got a nearly impenetrable cooler fortress that will ensure you still have those eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning.

Ratchet Strap Use #17

I don’t know about you, but so often when I go fishing with someone and they have a portable fish basket, that basket has an old rope tied to it. That rope is dry rotted and could fall apart at any moment. Don’t let those fish get away, use a ratchet strap on that basket! With the nice hook ends of a ratchet strap, it makes it easy to move around the fish basket in the boat or canoe and secure it where ever is most convenient. It also makes it easy to take off the fish basket at the end of the day and bring it up to your cleaning station without dragging that old dry rotted rope on the ground to get shredded. Of course, you can make the ratchet strap as long or as short as you desire or need, making it the perfect companion to your fish basket.

Ratchet Strap Use #17

Ratchet Strap Use #18

There you are, corn hole boards setup, drinks in hand, and someone asks how the score will be kept. DOH! You forgot your scorer at home. What to do? Surprisingly, you could use your ratchet strap as a score marker. Find a marker and a couple of clothes pins or similar, and you can make a score strip. Pull out a good length of the ratchet strap so that you can use a marker to mark off point sections on the strap. The clothes pins can clip to either side of the strap to mark points for each team. Hang the strap in a tree and you’re all set to dominate!

Ratchet Strap Use #19

Maybe you like really “roughing” it while camping, or you just want a different yet easy way to provide a sleeping shelter for a night. Whatever the reason, using a ratchet strap as a center line for a tarp tent makes it incredibly easy to set this primative tent up. First, stretch the strap between two trees a couple of feet off the ground and strap it tight. Then lay a tarp over the strap, centering the tarp on it. Stake down the edges of the tarp, and you’re all set! This can be set up in under five minutes, and gives you a dry place for a nap, etc.

Ratchet Strap Use #20

Once you get tired of winning at corn hole, you can use your ratchet strap in a new way for new challenges. Stretch your ratchet strap between two trees about five feet in the air. Now you can hang different things from the strap, such as string or other items. Use these as targets with your frisbee. You can hang multiple straps with a variety of targets at different heights, or make the strap angled so that you have targets that go from low to high on the same strap. Its an easy way for hours of fun!

Ratchet Strap Use #20

Wrap Up

So these are the next five interesting uses for a ratchet strap. They are a versatile tool that should become a permanent addition to your tent camping gear. Shop for ratchet straps with Amazon.

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