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We Need Your Tent Camping Reviews!

It’s true, we really want your campground reviews!  There are thousands of great campgrounds all over the United States, but very few places have reviews that are specifically geared for tent campers like us.  Or if they do have reviews, they don’t have any pictures of the sites, so you’re left wondering just how good or bad a particular site is, or what the campground looks like in general.  This is where YOU come in.

Below is a link to our submission form.  Please fill this out and then return it via email to:  When you return it, be sure to include 3 pictures as well:  1 image of the campground sign, 1 image of your campsite setup (without people), and 1 image of your camping party enjoying the campsite (sitting around the fire, playing cards at the picnic table, etc.).  Additional pictures are welcome, but we may not end up using them.

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